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Notice to Consumers- We are Not the Nationwide Locator Service who Called You!


Dear Consumer,


We are sorry you may have been contacted by someone who introduced himself/herself as calling from "Nationwide Locators." We are NOT that company. We do NOT call people. We receive dozens of calls from people like you who claim they were harassed or scammed.  

Our company name is A.C.E., Inc. and we are also known as, Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation. We are Private Investigators and Private Process Servers who have been in business more than 20 years. We DO NOT call people and WE DO NOT have any affiliation with any other company.

We provide nationwide locator / location services which are also known as skip tracing services. Our locate services are governed by state and federal laws and we do NOT collect debts. We are not involved in any debt collection services and do not work for any debt collection companies.

We receive MANY calls from people like you. We contacted local law enforcement and the FBI as the locator service making the calls appear to be violating many laws. We have been advised to advise you to contact the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission, www.ftc.org ) and file a complaint.

Hopefully the above explanation is enough for you. If not, we are sorry. Please do not call our office. There is nothing else we can offer you or suggest you do. If you do call our office we may have to be short with you as we must be answering our phones for clients and our business in general.

We are not responsible for the actions of another company and have no idea who those idiots are.

Thank you,

Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation

D.B.A. “A.C.E., Inc.”