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A.C.E., Inc. offers a through catalog of process services that are carried out all over the country.


The act of process serving deals with the proper delivery of legal papers to a person(s) that is required to view and respond to them. These papers can deal with a wide array of legal actions, where some of them can be writs, subpoenas, citations, etc.


            Process serving is the first and most crucial step in any lawsuit. Without the delivery of papers to the person(s) in question a case cannot move forward. More importantly, without this vital step the court will not be able to exert its jurisdiction over the defendant(s).


            The papers will explicitly outline the plaintiff’s allegations of wrongdoing by the defendant(s) in the case. Additionally, the defendant(s) will have a certain period of time to respond, where the time period to respond will vary from state-to-state.


Listed below are some of the most common and routine services we will provide in the United States. If you happen to not find the correct service you are looking for on the list below, do not worry! A.C.E., Inc. process servers are readily available to handle any service request and will make sure to work closely with you to adapt to your particular service needs.

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