Locating and serving legal documents to defendants is our specialty. Our investigator's are trained and skilled specifically to locate and serve process upon defendants

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A.C.E., Inc. nationwide agents are highly capable of locating Defendants as well! We will assist you any way we can.

We find and locate defedants for te purpose of serving civil process. Serving process upon a defendant notifies the person of the pending action and allows for the defendant to defend to cause of action.

In a civil lawsuit, a defendant (or a respondent) is also the accused party, although not of an offense, but of a civil wrong (a tort or a breach of contract, for instance). The person who starts the civil action through filing a summons and complaint is referred to as the plaintiff. Defendants in civil actions usually make their first court appearance voluntarily in response to a summons. A.C.E. Nationwide Process Serving Services serve defendants with the summons and compliant needed to commence a kawsuit. It is this initail step of the legal process that gives the court jurisdiction over the defendant and when the lawsuit actually begins. Without proper service of process upon the defendant, the case can be thrown out or the service of process may be quashed requiring the plaintiff to reserve the defendant with another summons and complaint.

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