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A.C.E., Inc. nationwide agents are highly capable of locating witnesses as well! We will assist you any way we can.


            Witnesses are people that are or claim to have knowledge, proof, or further background information to assist in a court case or the relevant matter at hand. According to national law, witnesses are people, either by their own free will or summoned, that must provide testimony of what they know/believe to be true of a certain event that took place.


            There are several different types of witnesses, where they all have their own particular uses in court cases. For example, a reputation witness is one that testifies about the overall character of the entity in question. A hearsay witness is a person that appears before the court and comments on what someone else spoke about or wrote.


These are just two examples, but there are many other types of witnesses that are pertinent to the overall process of court cases. A.C.E., Inc. nationally acclaimed agents will find any witness you need and do so in a manner that is professional, prompt and particular to your service requests.

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